Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Congratulations on Christmas Day! Here as I watch my Christmas tree I remember how wonderful to have had an unforgettable childhood. The faith and hope that you have to go to visit Santa Claus and his sleigh is the desire of every child on this day. I still dream about someday being able to see and poderle ask why Santa never brought me what I asked ... well I not agree ... I will never lose hope! The important thing is that it has not yet come and earn it, has brought me many gifts.

Here as I watch my Christmas tree ... remember much about my Dad ... child was more than we are and the tree was missing its large decorative tin filled with different kinds of popcorn. How much they enjoyed seeing him open gifts and more excited until it ourselves. Not open any presents until estubiƩsemos all sitting in the waiting room for the distribution of gifts. I really miss those days ...

The important thing is to enjoy the day to the fullest, to share with family, drink plenty of coconut and eating cakes with tasty pork!

Liz Lebron