Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From My Backyard

The Caterpillars ... eating the tree

Today I was in the yard of my house ; I had big desires to enjoy the sun ; it was so wonderful today , after it has been raining all week. To my surprise, I noticed that my favorite tree had been invaded by caterpillars and worst of all ... had eaten must of the leafs and the beautiful white flowers. I began to think and understand that those caterpillars with dark colors and bright yellows details, which later will be converted into beautiful butterflies needs to eat and to be prepared to next step in their life. The tree leafs' will grow again and the caterpillars will become free butterflies. 
This reminded me , that is just like in life as I compared them like the colon cancer that my mother suffers from that today and throughout this recovery process, thanks to chemotherapy. To my understanding the cancer is so, once it arrives is like eating you ; goes on and on until you realize that something is wrong in your body or the Doctor gives you the awfull news. This is why I compares the cancer with them , and the caterpillars have already been fought and the beautifull butterflies have taken a big step in life. They later fly aimlessly and are free in life ...

This is a Beautifull Orchid

This is the way My Mother feels today ... free , with increasing difficulty that gives the chemoterapy , but rather positive because this process soon be over. Perhaps , they don't have nothing in common (caterpillar & cancer) but , I do it in a symbolic way. She had her chemoterapy today and is the number five and are 12 in total. She is strong, and today came with a little discomfort, but she said that she feels blessed, because the chemoterapy has given her a big hungry and I take it as fairly positive.

The caterpillars can be like that I think , a cancer that is eating you inside, but the butterflies, make me think that this is how is this cancer in my Mother ;in process of change to make her free! Not to make her life difficult during this difficult process ; Is the way to let her live 60 years more.
Mother I love you and thank you for the gift that you give me everyday of having you next to me.

A Beautifull "Trinitaria" Tree