Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When I Saw You From...

A beating heart,
heart hurt
I lost my senses,
when I saw you from ...

And though the words were many
I meant that you
most did not go to a cold goodbye
because your love died
by not having me ...

The warmth of your embrace I felt,
when you despedistes me,
with a simple goodbye
out of me ...

How I suffered when I saw you leave,
how I cried to the knowledge and understanding
never have you again ...

How much I cried,
How much I missed you ...
Years will pass,
and still miss you ...

And no matter the suffering of my heart,
because here I only command,
life knows how much I loved you,
and you never will be more understanding ...

I loved you and how much I hated you,
was only love,
just know,
that was on yesterday ...

And although my eyes were closed forever,
knowing that I shall never see,
but one thing I am sure,
never my love,
I'll never have ...