Monday, January 11, 2010

The Benefit To Please A Guest

Here... thinking in my corner, I began to remember good things about being a waitress and the good things about  working in a restaurant. But like everything ... has its pros and cons ... The Pros are more than cons, and I love to be working with customers and the hospitality industry ; that is the factor to be helpful or to please a guest. The Cons ... for me , everything is fine until we reached the tip ... this is just my opinion, I think that tipping is a kind of appreciation which the client gives to the waiter for having served satisfactorily. Consider the 15% ... is only a starting point, a bad service would be deducted on the way to zero if necessary, while the excellent service of high quality can be always higher.

To me good service should be rewarded and poor service should be punished. This always involves the Manager, Assistant Manager and Coach of the waiters, which is responsible to train them. But I always wondered: Why do you want to work in the service industry if you don't like to serve the guests? I really do not know. They are those who want to be waiters and complain when they have tables or do not want to attend and to top it complain that they don't receive the 15% tip or more. I really do not know, are people who can not provide excellent service and are always complaining ... It feels so good when you give a high quality service to your customer, and every time that they visit your workplace they will still ask you.

The 15% gratuity is and has become a sort of cultural tradition, that's not everybody follow, either because it's more money that has to leave to the restaurant or because they never worked in the service industry which can not recognize the work of a waiter to satisfying all your customer needs before serving. I always give the benefit of the doubt to the waiter, if food is not satisfactory or if it is, but their service is good, at least get 15%. Sometimes the waiter thinks, from their point of view: that a tip should be mandatory "But where would the service if this be so? Will miss the excellent service and high service if tipping is compulsory? It's a very difficult question to answer, because those who beneficial were the waiter and not the restaurant.

Finally, the most important thing to see and make me happy was always to see my client that always asking for me to serve them and it always made me feel great! The tip, while important, is the least confident thing that the waiter have to worry when the service is always excellent. As a waiter in the food & beverage industry , you always have to think positive, not for selling or sell them because it is most expensive on the menu, but always listen to your client. Please him always, because at the end , you are the one who's going receive a good reward ...


Sunday, January 10, 2010