Friday, January 1, 2010

My Great Truth...

Time goes by, night falls ... Darkness conceals, lost light. Today I am here and you? Where are you? ... You there and I'm here without you. Everywhere you look, the more I listen only your name and not your heart. There is space, but there is no forgetting. I dream of having you, I dream of kissing, the night falls, I find myself alone and on opening my eyes I see shadows of what was. I want you to understand, that I understand my heart. Many things seem surprising, but the meaning of this are the beats of my love. The words are fast, but their meanings are eternal ... The heart is restless, but their desires are so desperate to feel immense. Love is still and is waiting for you by whom.
They will spend days, nights, rain and darkness especially does not matter, because although the sun off, love will shine and will not allow everything that my heart is dying in eternity ...

You see roses, is seeing stars, you see love and above all is to see my heart happy. Although you do not understand everything I feel for you, want you to know that even if people object or when your heart is the word impossible, I will be thinking that God will help me get what I most desire. Anyway ... despite tears overflow my eyes, I want you to know that my desire and love are immense but do not accept our love and my love for you, I'll try to make do with love in my silence ... ..

By Liz Lebron