Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Beginning in My Life

Today I wanted to start my day in a different way ... I cut my hair after 7 years of not cutting, I feel free, new and willing to keep cutting. I thought it would hurt to do it, but it was not so, I did it myself and I have no regrets.
Everyone at some point in our life need a change, but often not dare to do, not by fear but fail. But through all these years of triumphs and failures in my life, I am not afraid to take the first step. Many new things arise when you take the first step and that's what happened to me ... I'm new!
Although I lack many things, but this year is just beginning, my list is long. It is sad that every time we end a year, we defer to think of all those resolutions that you did and not accomplish ... is a question of believing. I know...It's hard, maybe I'm not the best example, but this year Will Be! Finally, New Year .... New Life



Heidi's Blog said...

hey i like your blog! congrats on cutting your hair! its a new year....and really like that picture above "laugh your heart etc."

Lena said...

I heard somewhere that when a woman wants some changes in life she gets a new hair cut. I can't do that to myself. Each time I want to cut my hair, I change my mind in the last moment. It's been 6-7 years already i guess.