Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do You Really Think That "The Customer Is Always Right?"

The phrasse "The Customer is Always Right?" was originally coined by Harvy Gordon Selfridge ; the founder of "Selfridge's" a Department Store in London. This phrase is typically used by business to: Convince customers that they will get good service at this company and to convince employees to give customers good service.
I personally don't think that they are always right ; and thinking that they are always right is wrong. Most of the times makes employees unhappy because you have to value your employees first; if they think that you won't support them when a customer is out of the line , even the smallest problem can cause resentment. Of course , there are plenty of example's of bad employees giving lousy Customer Service , but trying to solve this by declaring the customer "always right" is counter-productive.
It gives abrasive customers an unfair advantage and using the slogan ; abusive customers can demand just about anything. This makes the employees' jobthat much harder when trying to rein them in. Sometimes customers are bad for your business and  one's of the results is that can cause worst customer service. You have to put your employees first and they will be happy at work. Employees who are happy at work give better customer service because they care about other people , including customers ; they have more energy and they are happy , meaning they are more fun to talk to and to interact with  and they are more motivated.
On the other hand , when the Company and management consistently side with customers instead of with employees , it sends clear message that employees are not valued , that treating employees fairly is not important. When this attitude prevails , employees stop caring about service .

What You Can Do and How You can Deal with Angry Customers?

  • Always Say Sorry - It doen't matter if you are in the wrong or not. Just saying sorry you can go along way to pacifying an upset client. If you believe it's not your fault then by all means  don't apologize for the problem instead apologize for the fact that they are not happy with the product or service.

  • Ask them for an explanation - No matter what they say , don't answer back , now is the time to listen carefully and take notes.

  • Make it right - Take each of the issues you've noted in turn and resolve them , where there's an obvious solution ; just do it! Where the solution is not so simple firstly say sorry. Then ooffer the customer something as compensation . Is the customer not happy with your offer , or you can't think of a suitable offer , ask the customer what they would like you to resolve the situation.

  • Make sure they are happy

  • Follow through

  • Offer them a reason to come back

  • Improve - Evaluate how you can improve your business so you don't get the same complaint again , then make the change.
Do You think that the Customer is always right? Why? How you deal with angry customers and how you deal with them?




alka said...

I work with a lot of customer service desks like FIS, AMEX, Citibank - I agree customer is not always right in fact more often not but reasonable in his demand for an explanation. We find most often customers do not feel understood... what say you?


Brent said...

I think customers are not always right. it may be different in your industry, but in mine I find customers often feel falsely entitled to ever whim they can think up, even when they are not reasonable or possible. A customer who is unreasonable (partly because he's heard the saying "the customer is always right" so many times) should be treated like any unreasonable person, attempt to address his concerns, understand the position, and state what can be done. I never apologize unless there is a reason on my part. I've found that many times it's best to instead be firm and demand that they speak in a reasonable manner if they wish to continue the conversation. I realize that won't work everywhere though!

LuckyMaddams said...

The Customer is definately not always right!
I think todays society has become too "customer service" focused, yes, it's lovely when your a customer and your every need is attended to by a sales assistant, but when your a sales assistant who has to put up with rude, ignorant and time wasting customers you bein to wonder where respect for the shop worker has gone.

I think A give take relationship is key!

Great post, thanks :) xoxo
Oh btw follow my blog?

AIDYs Poetry Blog said...

You know, I think that customer service has suffered so much. It would seem that no one cares anymore these days. I guess I may be speaking for myself when I get angry at those for giving bad customer service, I never say anything--but I should suggest to them they read your list here!